A System with Simultaneous Data Access Methods for In-the-Field Learning Related to Developmental Studies

Yosuke Tsuchiya


Fieldwork, ICT for Development, Learning in the Field


In this paper, the features and performances of a revised version of a learning-support system used in developmental-study-related fieldwork are described. We previously developed a multimedia data-management and sharing system to support users conducting fieldwork in developing countries. However, the functions and interfaces of the previous tool were quite statistic in terms of field data access, making it difficult for users to learn properly in the field. As a revised version of the proposed system, we have implemented a method for dynamically inter-connecting all field data with temporal and spatial information, called the simultaneous data access method. To examine the performance of this revised system, two student experiments were conducted. The first is to determine the behaviours of the students when using the proposed system, for which the author observed some of the behaviours that are effective for learning while in the field. The second is to examine whether there is a significance difference between the students who used the revised system and those who did not when reporting their field data. In addition, the significant differences in the quantitative analysis of these reports were confirmed.

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