Cognitive Graphics Tool based on 3-Simplex for Decision-Making and Substantiation of Decisions in Intelligent System

Anna E. Yankovskaya and Natalia M. Krivdyuk


Cognitive graphics, Intelligent systems, Decision-making and its substantiation, Matrix model of data and knowledge representation, Regularities in data and knowledge, 3-simplex


Theoretical foundation of n-simplex construction which is used for decision-making in intelligent system and its substantiation based on test methods of the logical-combinatorial pattern recognition are given. The used way for data and knowledge representation in intelligent systems, concept of regularities in the data and knowledge, the main revealing regularities are proposed. The idea of decision-making of a membership object under study to one or another pattern on each diagnostic test shortly is described. Mathematical foundations of mapping object under study in n-simplex are given. Decision-making and its substantiation based on 3-simplex is described in detail. Illustrative example of visualization of data and knowledge and regularities is offered. Application expediency of the visualization method based on 3-simplex for different problem fields is considered.

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