Wall Concentration and Constant Dialyzate for Various Mass Transfer Quantities in Artificial Kidney

A.S Abdalla Wassf Isaac, I.E.Y. Abd, and A. Sad (Egypt)


Wall Concentration, Laplace transforms, Galerkin method.


This article deals with the theoretical investigations into dialytic mass transfer in parallel-plate hemodialyzers with considered two cases, non-zero finite wall resistance and constant wall concentration. The theoretical solutions presented in this paper are closed-form analytical solutions involving only exponential and algebraic polynomial functions, therefore, simple, economical and convenient to use. With the help of Laplace transforms and Galerkin method, the expressions for main properties have been obtained. The results obtained in the present paper are compared with the earlier published results, and are found to be in the excellent agreement. The two solutes, with urea and vitamin B12 have been considered. It is observed from the above-mentioned comparison that the effect of variable dialyzate concentration on various mass transfer quantities is significant in the case of uremic small molecules. In the case of uremic middle molecules, the non-uniform concentration distribution in the dialyzate channel affects only slightly.

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