Early Detection of Conduction Failure of Median Nerve in Patients with Diabetic Type I & Type II

V. Sajith, A. Sukeshkumar, and K. Mohan (India)


Biopotential Amplifier, Electroneurograph, EvokedPotential, Conduction Velocity, Diabetic Neuropathy.


An intelligent biopotential amplifier [Electroneurograph] for measurement of conduction velocity has been fabricated and tested in diabetic type I & II patients with moderate to acute diabetic neuropathic conditions. The electrodes were placed in appropriate positions and resultant responses were measured. Latency of waveform was measured from which the conduction velocity was arrived at. Significant variations in conduction velocity in median nerve of specimen were observed in moderate to acute diabetic type I & II. Diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy at various stages is the primary significance of this technique which helps the doctor to take immediate steps for advanced treatment in patients to minimize conduction failure.

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