Extraction of Human Heart Conduction Network from Diffusion Tensor MRI

I.A.I. El-Aff (Egypt)


Diffusion Tensor, MRI, Purkinje, Cardiac, Heart,Conduction Network.


Modeling of the Conduction Network of the heart has been addressed in much research for simulating the heart’s electrical stimulation. The previous models estimate the Conduction Network depending on the early activation points of Durrer et. al. measurements and/or some dissection data where this gives an approximation to the real network. However, there are some considerable differences between Conduction Networks of different human hearts in which lead to a lake of accuracy of the provided models. A new approach is presented in this paper, where the Conduction Network can be built as a case-based structure and according to the literature this is the first method to achieve this. The method that is developed is based on the biological properties of the heart tissues as well as the working methodology of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner. Results of the produced structure were much similar to some dissection data and by employing the reconstructed Conduction Network in an inhomogeneous human model; the produced results were much similar to the measured ones.

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