Toward a Recommendation System for Image Similarity Metrics

Peter Bajcsy, Joe Chalfoun, and Mary Brady


Imaging and signal processing, medical image processing


This paper addresses the problem of mapping application specific requirements on image similarity metrics to the plethora of existing image similarity computations. The work is motivated by the fact that there is no method for choosing a similarity metric that is suitable for a given application. We approached the problem by designing a theoretical and experimental framework for creating sensitivity signatures of similarity metrics. In this paper, we outline the classifications of image similarity metrics found in the literature, the space of application parameters and requirements, derivations of similarity dependencies on application parameters, and experimentally obtained sensitivity signatures of similarity metrics using image simulations. These sensitivity signatures provide a way for users to query a reference database of sensitivity signatures and retrieve a recommendation for an image similarity metric. We illustrate the use of the prototype recommendation system by considering spectral calibration and spatial registration application requirements.

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