Special Issues Call-for-Papers

  • Modern Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction

    The recent trend toward developing a new generation of robots that can participate in our lives and exist in human environments has introduced the need for investigating the paradigms, techniques, and technologies for the interaction between people and robots. An important goal for the field of Human-Robot Interaction is to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous robots that operate within human spaces and play a beneficial role in the daily lives of ordinary people. Interaction between humans and traditional robotic systems can be problematic, as the traditional robotic systems often perform repetitive actions in a restricted environment, whereas human interaction is often characterized by novel ways of interactions, which creates an ever-changing environment. Therefore, traditional robotic system methods and technologies are often difficult to apply in situations and applications where the interaction plays a major role. Therefore, a new intelligent method is urgently needed and applied to robot interaction

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  • Robotics and Automation in Agriculture

    Research on robotics and automation in agriculture has made significant progress in both theoretical investigation and practical applications. This special issue is devoted to new activities in robotics and automation in agriculture. It is aiming to publish the frontier of robotics and automation with applications to the agriculture field, in which automation and intelligence play important roles. The focus of this issue will be to present several theoretical and practical problems related to robotics and automation, and new discoveries and innovative ideas and improvements made in the field of robotics and automation in agriculture.

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