Visual Quality Enhancement for Colour Images in the Framework of the JPEG2000 Compression Standard

A. Stoica, M.-C. Larabi, and C. Fernandez-Maloigne


Colour image, colour image quality, human visual system, contrast sensitivity function, JPEG2000 image compression, visual weightings


In the last years, the consideration of different models of the human visual system (HVS) in the final perceived quality of the compressed images becomes a major research subject. Therefore, it is natural to take advantage of the recent knowledge on both perception and models of the human vision in an image compression system. Thus, in this paper we propose an integration method of that knowledge for the improvement of perceptual JPEG2000 image compression quality. This method consists on two parts: a laboratory evaluation of the HVS model by the contrast sensitivity function (CSF), and an implementation technique of visual weightings for the JPEG2000 scheme, using the evaluated HVS model in the Fourier domain of the colour image.

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