Lyapunov-based Cascaded Nonlinear Control of Induction Machine

H. Chekireb and M. Tadjine


Lyapunov method, virtual control, flux speedtracking, induction machine, AC machines


This article develops Lyapunov-based nonlinear control to ensure the flux-speed tracking regime of a voltage-fed induction machine. The control law is determined in two steps. First, the virtual control, based on Lyapunov function, is obtained in order to impose the fluxspeed tracking. After this step we deduce the real control, imposing the virtual control law. The simulation results of flux-speed tracking of induction machine show the validity of the proposed method in the presence of strong parametric perturbations. Finally, an extension of the proposed method to most voltage AC machines is discussed. This allows us to obtain a unified view for the control of electric AC machines.

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