A Mixed Approach to Modelling Learning Styles in Adaptive Educational Hypermedia

P. Paredes and P. Rodriguez


Adaptive hypermedia, web-based training, learning styles, user modelling


The authors present a theoretical framework that deals with the dynamic modelling of learning styles. In that sense they propose a mixed approach. Firstly, they collect explicit information about the students by means of the ILS (Index of Learning Styles) questionnaire developed by Felder and Soloman. The proposed system adapts the course structure and sequencing to the student’s profile. Later, they use the implicit information gathered by the system during the course in order to dynamically modify (or not) the course structure and sequencing previously selected. As the amount of data available for a particular student grows, the learning profile of students may or may not change. The authors believe that improving the learning process implies not only acquisition of knowledge but also a good level of satisfaction and motivation of learners. Incorporation of learning styles into the user model is a good way to take into account students’ preferences, and it could be integrated and modified in a more complex framework.

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