Vijay S. Kale, Sudhir R. Bhide, and Prashant P. Bedekar


Fault location, mutual coupling, neural network, transmission line protection, wavelet transform


Most of the algorithms developed for the protection of transmission line use the estimate of the fault location to make the relaying decision. However, this estimate needs only be accurate enough to determine whether the fault is in the appropriate zone of protection. More accurate estimate of the fault location is required to carry out the repairs, which can save time and resources for the electric utility. This paper presents an accurate fault location method which is based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and artificial neural network (NN). Fault signals were preprocessed with DWT, followed by the use of appropriate NN, based on the type of the fault, which gives distance to a fault. The proposed fault location technique requires signals from one end of the transmission line. Therefore, it is more reliable as compared to methods which require signals from both the ends of the line. MATLAB/Simulink software was used for simulation studies and testing the proposed algorithm. Large number of faults scenarios were generated by varying fault resistance, fault location and fault inception time, on a given power system model. The effect of inter circuit mutual coupling was considered by choosing a parallel line transmission network. The results presented on the performance of the proposed technique clearly demonstrate that NNs are very effective in locating a fault with a very small error.

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