Strip Thickness Control System for Strip Casting Process

Y.H. Kim, D.S. Lee, H.K. Moon, and T. Kang (Korea)


strip casting process, DDC, strip thickness control, roll eccentricity, roll movement, strip thickness compensation


A new steel-making process and its strip thickness control strategy is introduced. "Strip casting", with the aim of producing hot band in a single step, is being actively pursued by many groups around the world. Strip thickness control is the most important control loop in the strip casting process. By roll-gap position control however the distance between the chocks is represented as the strip thickness, since it is impossible to measure the hot strip thickness directly at the roll nip, In this case, it is not possible to measure and control the roll movements caused from the roll eccentricity, roll journal eccentricity and roll bearing clearance. To compensate such disturbances a new algorithm is developed. For the realization of this control system three CPUs are applied.

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