Modeling a Rail Wheelset for Radial Position Control Analysis

B. Šulc and J. Dvořák (Czech Republic)


Simulation, Wheelset, Positioning Control, Simulink, Rail transport


Passive or active radial positioning of wheelsets is a new trend in rail transport. It helps railway companies to reduce operation costs and to increase transportation speed in order to compete with air transport. For the correct design of a radial positioning mechanism which will function satisfactory under various and changeable conditions, it is necessary to carry out a simulated verification of the con trolled system whose task is to achieve and keep an opti mal radial position. For this simulation it is necessary to make a selection of simulation tools, to prepare an accept able mathematical description and to propose simulation experiments and their evaluation with respect to further use in the design process. A solution of these problems with the use of SIMULINK modelling, where long-term experience is available, is presented in this paper as a partial result of a PhD project.

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