A New Parameter Estimation Method for DSC Thermodynamic Property Evaluation – Part II: Runge-Kutta Implementation and Numerical Results

G.E. Osborne, J.I. Frankel, and A.S. Sabau (USA)


Parameter estimation, inverse problems, Function Decomposition Method, DSC


A lumped heat transfer model and parameter estimation technique are proposed for determining key parameters associated with a heat flux Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). The development of a mathematical algorithm utilizing this model and technique is illustrated in Part I of this two-part paper. In Part II, a computational algorithm which has been constructed for the proposed method is presented. The algorithm uses a conventional fourth order Runge-Kutta scheme to solve the necessary ordinary differential equations. Results from a numerical experiment are discussed. These results demonstrate the robust and accurate nature of the technique but also suggest areas of possible improvement for both computational efficiency and parameter resolution. Possible improvements include the introduction of an elliptic time treatment in the form of orthogonal collocation as a replacement for the traditional time-marching scheme.

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