Diagnosis and Control in Induction Motor with Extended Kalman Filter

A. Mendoza, R. Arnanz, M.A. Pacheco, and J.R. Perán (Spain)


Vector-control, induction machine, Extended Kalman Filter, Diagnostics, Estimation.


This paper proposes a new application for parameter online estimation applied to induction motor, which is used in a model-based fault diagnosis and vector control of these electrical machines. System is based in an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). This observer allows to detect faults, in sensors and actuators. Parameter estimation improves the control system when these parameters are used to update the equations in the control algorithm. In this case, a rotor-flux-oriented control of induction machines is implemented, where the parameters: stator and rotor resistance and mutual inductance are afforded by EKF. On-line identification of the induction motor parameters allows to improve the performance of the electrical drives in spite of possible incipient faults and electrical damages caused to the vector controlled induction machine.

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