Electrical Resistance Tomography for the Visualization of Two-Phase Fields with an Adaptive Mesh Grouping Scheme

S.I. Kang, B.S. Kim, M.C. Kim, S. Kim, B.J. Chung, J.W. Park, Y.L. Lee, and K.Y. Kim (Korea)


Electrical Resistance Tomography, Gauss-Newton Algorithm, Adaptive Mesh Grouping


The objective in electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is to reconstruct the cross-sectional resistivity distribution inside the object using current and voltage measurements made from the boundary. Although ERT has inherent advantages of high-speed data acquisition (good temporal resolution) and low-cost requirements, the spatial resolution is not comparable to other imaging techniques and remains as challenging problem. In this paper, a novel method is presented to enhance the spatial resolution in static electrical resistance tomography for the visualization of two-phase fields. This method is based on the adaptive mesh-grouping scheme in the Gauss-Newton algorithm. Extensive computer simulations are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

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