Observer Design for Nonlinear SISO Systems by Extended Linearization using Automatic Differentiation

K. Röbenack (Germany)


Control, Nonlinear Observer Design, Automatic Differentiation


For nonlinear single-input single-output (SISO) systems, a design method based on a family of linearizations of the system is considered. A nonlinear observer is designed such that the eigenvalues of the family of linearized ob server dynamics are locally invariant with respect to the family of fixed points. One of the major difficulties in non linear observer design is the amount of symbolic computa tions involved. A new computation method based on au tomatic differentiation is proposed. The nonlinear output injection is computed by means of univariate Taylor series. Due to the utilization of automatic differentiation, the plant may be given in terms of an algorithmic description. More over, our approach allows he usage of more sophisticated numerical techniques for pole placement.

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