A Nonlinear Control Design for the Pendubot

K. Yamada, K. Nitta, and A. Yuzawa (Japan)


Nonlinear Systems, Approximate linearization, Pendubot


In this paper, we consider a nonlinear control design method for the Pendubot using approximate feedback linearization. The Pendubot is known as underactu ated robot and cannot be applied exact linearization method. We adopt a two-step procedure to apply the approximate linearization for the Pendubot. First, a state transformation matrix of the Pendubot is settled, so that the Pendubot is transformed approximately into the controllable canonical form. Second, a standard nonlinear linearization method is used to transform the controllable canonical form into a stable linear system. We show the numerical example to illustrate the effec tiveness of the proposed method for controlling for the Pendubot.

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