Tracking Control of Chaotic Systems by using Numerical Procedures

M. Ostojic (Canada)


Nonlinear Systems, Chaos, Tracking Control, Recursive Control.


This paper presents an application of the "recursive control" method to the problem of asymptotic tracking control of chaotic systems. The recursive control method introduces a notion of "desired error-dynamics" (DED) and proposes that a numerical algorithm for solving the DED for control input be used as the feedback control algorithm for the chaotic system. It is shown that such an approach yields recursive, rapidly convergent algorithms that can stabilize and robustly track any orbit of the original chaotic system. For actual implementation the algorithms only require output feedback. The main advantage of the proposed method is that it is systematic and applicable to a broad class of nonlinear systems, both chaotic and non-chaotic. An example of tracking control of the Duffing-Holmes oscillator is presented to illustrate the design procedure.

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