Assessment Of Flicker Compensation based on a Single Phase Series Active Filter and a Simple Control Scheme

L.A. Leturiondo, A. Lazkano, J. Ruiz, and E. Aramendi (Spain)


power quality, flickermeter, flicker compensation, active filter, and PWM inverter


This paper deals with the implementation and the evaluation of a single-phase series active filter to compensate flicker of voltage fluctuations. The proposed conditioner consists of a single-phase 2-bridge voltage fed pulse width modulation PWM inverter using four insulated gate bipolar transistors IGBT's. The control signals for the PWM are obtained as the output of the very simple control scheme of the active filter. A flickermeter has been implemented using MATLAB programming language. This flickermeter has been applied to input and output voltages of the compensation device following the testing ways provided by standard IEC61000-4-15. A complementary study of power quality parameters has been performed measuring harmonics, power factor and behaviour with voltage sags. The results presented in the paper guarantee suitability of this simple scheme flicker compensation proposal.

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