Autonomous Operation and Control of Stand-alone Renewable Energy System with Hydrogen Storage

K. Agbossou, M. Kolhe, and T.K. Bose (Canada)


Renewable Energy System, Control, Energy Storage, Hydrogen.


The stand-alone renewable energy (RE) system based on energy storage as hydrogen has been developed and installed at Hydrogen Research Institute (HRI). It has been tested for automatic operation with developed control strategy and power conditioning devices. The control system sends the excess energy, with respect to load demand, for storage as electrolytic hydrogen, and during deficit time, the control system takes care to reutilize the stored hydrogen through fuel cell system to produce electricity as per demand requirement. Energy management in the RE system has been controlled through the batteries state-of-charge, where the batteries are used as buffer energy storage. The RE system components have substantially different voltage-current characteristics and are integrated through power conditioning devices on the DC bus. The system is working automatically with the developed control system and power conditioning devices.

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