Design of Experiment and Monte Carlo Simulation as Support for Gas Turbine Power Plant Availability Estimation

A. Bruzzone, R. Revetria, and E. Briano (Italy)


Reliability, Hierarchical Design, Model Estimation


Maintenance is an important aspect in order to guarantee the efficiency of industrial facilities. For power plants the high availability ratios can be obtained only with preventive maintenance but the result costs increases rapidly. In order to reduce the cost level of the maintenance activity on-condition maintenance is carried out on a increasing subset of components. The optimal mix between preventive and on-condition maintenance can be identify only by using appropriate reliability models. Some time the data required by such models are inadequate or missed and the performances of the implemented system can fall quite rapidly. The authors propose an innovative approach based on a hierarchical Monte Carlo simulator able to estimate properly the power plant reliability and, at the same time, improve its performances by fine tuning its parameters. A real life case study is than presented and discussed.

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