Modeling of Compound Pulp Quality in Thermomechanical Pulping

M. Tervaskanto, T. Ahvenlampi, T. Hietanen, and U. Kortela (Finland)


pressure screening, drainability, TMP,modeling, compound pulp


The research is focused on developing the quality mixture model for the compound pulp in the thermomechanical pulping (TMP) line. The purpose of the model is to predict the drainability of the compound pulp, when the properties of all the component pulps were known. The component pulp flows are the accept flows from the screening. The input and the output mass flows of the pressure screens were known. The experimental work is performed in the industrial environment. An accurate compound pulp model for the mechanical pulp was achieved. Verification with large number of tests with the mill screens ensured the reliability of the model. The model is implemented to the on-line diagnostic system in the industrial TMP mill.

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