Simulation of a Two-chamber Catalytic Organic-Waste/Coal Gasifier

J. Dayan, V. Brion, A. Shavit, Y. Zimmels, and D. Zvegilsky (Israel)


Gasification, Recirculating Fluidized Bed, Mathematical Modeling, Order Reduction, Control, Simulation.


A two-chamber gasifier, which has advantageous features over other designs, is studied and simulated from the control point of view. The gasifier is intended for processing biomass and organic waste, but the numerical calculations are based on low-grade coal. It is shown that the process is stable and controllable. Airflow to the combustion section is the most dominant control variable. A simple LQG controller provides adequate control of the process in case of disturbances of stochastic nature and is capable of overcoming variations of 30% and more in carbon content in the feed. A simple PI can maintain steady state for step change in average carbon content of the feed. The LQG and the PI controllers facilitate reaching stable and fast responding process in closed loop. Based on the positive results of the analysis further development of the process is recommended.

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