Harmonic Analysis of a Modulate Amplitude Signal using the Wavelet Transforms

A.C. González G., A.R. Hernández M., J. Moreno J., D. González S., and J.M. Hernández V. (Mexico)


Wavelet packet transform, radio frequency signal, modulate amplitude signal AM.


This paper presents an alternative method to make the harmonic analysis of a Modulate Amplitude Signal AM using the wavelet transform. In this paper has the description to find one of the characteristics of the Wavelet transform to isolate the frequencies and another form to view the harmonics of the signal, the steps to monitory the radio frequency signal on AM. The process is homework of the signal heterodyning, the conditioning, and an analogical digital convert, for process the signal with a PC, and this is done with C++ program, to use the Wavelet Packet Transform. The acquisition prototype and for analysis was done to work on a writing desk PC or a laptop and the preliminary results show that can effect the harmonic measurements, with the same effective of the traditional methods.

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