Performance Statecharts in Analysis of ATM Network Signalling

T. Babczyński, Z. Huzar, and J. Magott (Poland)


UML, performance statecharts, ATM


Statecharts are used by many object-oriented methodologies for specifying and modelling of dynamics of systems. Performance statecharts, which enable probabilistic analysis, are defined in the paper. They are based on the UML state charts. In the paper, the performance statecharts are applied for modelling the partial state diagram for API connection of ATM network. Connection establishment and connection release calls are included in signalling. Statechart perfor mance evaluation method is applied for finding the signal ling characteristics that are interesting for CPE user during connection establishment phase. The characteristics are valuated for a given connection arrival frequency and connection duration in a function of resources of ATM network. Statechart simulator is used to carry out simulation experiments on the statechart model.

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