Distributed Requirement Elicitation using Patterns

N.-L. Hsueh and J.-Y. Kuo (Taiwan)


Software Development, Requirements Engineering, Soft ware Pattern, Design Pattern.


In recent years, internet-based software engineering have attracted an increasing attention in the area of software engineering, as it is an enabling technology to meet the challenges of developing software under tightening mar ket condition. Therefore, a number of researchers put their efforts on distributed requirement engineering to elim inate transportation and accommodation cost. However, as without face-to-face communication, requirements col lected through Internet is trended to be un-structured, incor rect, imprecise and incomplete. In this paper, we proposed a framework for pattern-aided requirement elicitation in a distributed environment. The proposed elicitation pattern is based on the concept of use-case and goal, which are use ful for acquiring, analyzing and modeling functional and nonfunctional requirements.

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