DynaTester: The Dynamic Brake Test Rig for Bicycles

Y.-J. Mao, Y.-W. Liao, and C.-H. Tseng (Taiwan)


bicycle, hydraulic disc braking system, test rig.


A single-wheeled dynamic test rig for bicycle braking system, the DynaTester, is proposed in this study. DynaTester consists of four subsystems, namely the wheel and brake (WB) subsystem, lever force application (LFA) subsystem, normal force application (NFA) subsystem, and transmission subsystem. The WB and LFA subsystems provide both standard installation interface for wheels, braking caliper and lever systems. The NFA subsystem applies adequate contact force between the bicycle wheel and simulated ground wheels to ensure the wheel load maneuver is closed to the real conditions. The transmission subsystem provides appropriate torque generated by the motor and transfers it to the flywheel through the suspension system with minimal disturbance on the loading conditions. The preliminary stage of static load condition on DynaTester is simulated and verified with the experimental results by measuring the performance of a commercial product.

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