Simulations and Material Modelling of Special Biological Tissue

K.-P. Scherer, H. Eggert, H. Guth, S. Halstenberg, and A. Quinte (Germany)


layer dependent modelling, biomechanics, biological tissue deformation, corneal biomechanics, strain-stress functions, surgical planning, FEM simulation.


In the research centre of Karlsruhe, especially in the Institute for Applied Computer Science, medical applications of the computer based modelling and simulation are a main topic for research and development. The human eye is an ensemble of complex biological components, where the final aim of a good vision is given by an optimal co-operation of the special eye components. The biological tissue behaviour after operational incisions and surgical acts is mainly influenced by the complex material behaviour. Although the cornea has only a thickness of about 0.5 mm, it is a real heterogeneous tissue and furthermore different from patient to patient. This proposal shows basic research concerning the structural mechanics, regarding these aspects and experimental techniques, to get fundamental results in the field of biomechanical tissue behaviour of cornea.

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