Environmental Impact Related to Human Resource Location-allocation to Industrial Plants

G. Darini, P. Massacci, and C. Vergati (Italy)


modeling, estimation, location-allocation, transportation, human resources, environmental system


The aim of this work is to underline innovative aspects of the environmental impact concerning industrial plants. In fact, it is not common to consider the people transferring to and from an industrial plant as a factor of environmental impact as a consequence of the number of vehicles involved. In the particular Italian reality, due to the structure of the land and the limitation in infrastructures, particularly in the field of public transport, most of the workers use their cars as transport means. In such a way, the existence of the plant involves a lot of vehicular traffic with consequent emissions of air pollutants and noise. Taking into consideration the structure of the roads in the surroundings of an industrial plant, this work approaches the problem of modeling the (human) resources location allocation (from their residences to the work site), every shift. The related problem of the environmental impact is characterized by cyclic events corresponding to shifts in a day. The model of the impact has been analyzed taking into consideration fuel consumption and noise as indicators of the incidence of the worker transportation system on the land. The road net and the environmental impact have been represented by GIS.

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