Security System and Method for Transport Applications: An Innovative Solution based on a Safe Communication Channel

C. Carnevali, C. Conti, R. Genova, M. Mazzucchelli, and A. Sasso (Italy)


Transportation, Safety, Identification, Communication


In order to define a new emergency location and warning device for vehicles, an innovative solution has been planned by the authors and an experimental prototype has been realized according to it. It has been considered necessary to provide an emergency location and warning system for means of transport which rapidly provides the police and the emergency services with all necessary information for rapid intervention, and which is adapted flexibly to different emergency situation. All the prior art emergency warning system for vehicles have the drawback that they do not enable the position of the vehicle to be detected and communicated directly to the police and to the emergency services, and do not comply with the communication protocols recognized by them. The study is carried out with the strong co-operation of Carabinieri Corps, which has a dual role as a Police and Armed Force, and of an italian public transport company (Riviera Trasporti S.p.A.). The authors describe the warning device and method for means of transport which can meet all the necessary requirements while simultaneously overcoming the described drawbacks.

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