Adaptive Discrete LQ Controller for a Set of Models

J. Böhm (Czech Republic)


Simultaneous control, adaptive control, linear-quadratic control


The paper deals with the problem of a controller synthesis for a plant described by a set of models. This task reminds the case of a simultaneous control of a set of plants. In practical situation such a case occurs when a single plant must be described by a set of linear models representing several different working modes of the plant. The aim is to develop a practical method for the design of a single feedback controller that gives satisfactory closed loop behaviour with all considered models. The problem is formulated for discrete time case. The solution is obtained as an extension of a standard LQ approach used in adaptive and predictive controllers. Described approach can be used to extend the robustness of the designed controller and help in situations when a real plant is nonlinear or there may occur abrupt changes in its parameters.

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