A Framework for the Efficient Production of Web Applications

J. Zhang, U. Buy, and X. Liu (USA)


Automatic code generation, web application development, web engineering.


Automatic code generation is becoming increasingly common in software development because it can considerably improve the productivity of software engineers while also enhancing the reliability of the resulting software. When this is practical, the use of a code generator can also improve software maintenance and make the software development process more rigorous and formal than traditional design and coding approaches. In this paper we present a toolset called WGenerator that automatically generates code for web applications. Underlying WGenerator is a framework consisting of a set of templates for generating all the main software components typically found in web applications, except for the business logic. In addition to WGenerator, we also discuss an example of a web application generated for most part by WGenerator, a commercial university administration system. Our initial experience with this system indicates that WGenerator can provide dramatic improvements in development speed while also enhancing the reliability of the resulting applications.

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