Modeling and Simulating a Campus Network System using Ns/Nam Network Animator

D. Arneja and P.O. Bobbie (USA)


Network, Simulation, ns/Nam, Congestion


No single network design meets the global needs of all organizations and institutes. Also, it is impossible to engineer a universal network from a single network technology. Because of such diverse network technologies, it is often necessary to analyze, design/model, simulate, test and measure protocols and their interconnections for designing heterogeneous networks and project growth in various organizations. Monitoring a large number of network computing nodes, understanding and analyzing message exchange, characterizing dynamic interactions, development of new protocols and algorithms are a few of the network analysis, design, development, installation and operational issues. Network protocol designers choose simulation as a method of measuring and testing parameters. In this paper we focus on studying the campus network of Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) and addressing several of the issues raised above using a network simulation tool set - ns and its visualization/animation tool, Nam.

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