Adaptive Noise Filtering for DNA Raw Sequencing Data

C. Domnisoru and I.L. Domnisoru (USA)


Base Calling, DNA sequencing, Cross-talk filtering,Noise filtering,


An important aspect in data processing for the four dye fluorescence-based DNA sequencing is the filtering of the raw data signals. The existing techniques are not well documented in the literature due to the proprietary nature of the algorithms employed by various companies and the rapidly evolving technology. When the ratio of noise to useful signal is high there are instances when the available software for raw data processing fail. This is extremely important because the entire chain of data processing and identification of the DNA bases is developed under the assumption of a proper treatment of the initial information. In this paper are presented several examples when the ABI 3700 data preprocessing fails to preserve the initial information content in the raw data. In addition, a proposed adaptive filtering technique is described together with a comparison with ABI's results.

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