A Novel Single Stage, Single Switch, Boost Cell Type A-DC Converter with Active Power Factor Correction To Enrich Power Quality

S. Suresh Kumar, V. Subbiah, A. Kandaswamy, G. Dinesh Kumar, and R. Sujay (India)


Power Quality, Harmonics, Power Supplies, Power Factor Correction, Average Current Mode Control.


The proliferation of line connected electronic equipment using sinle phase rectifiers to process the ac input power has resulted in two concerns: the poor powerfactor of the typical rectifier and the harmonic content of its ac line current. Poor powerfactor translates into poor utilisation of the available current carrying capacity of the ac distributed system. High harmonic content in the line current frequently causes mutual interference among line connected equipment, especially on a 'weak' system and degrades the Power Quality (PQ). Hence, this paper presents the design and simulation of a novel single stage, single switch, Boost cell type AC-DC converter with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) to enrich power quality. Average current-mode control technique has been used for active current shaping in the proposed system which has the advantages of fast current tracking and constant switching frequency. A comparison is made for AC-DC converter with and without PFC circuitry with respect to imput power factor and total harmonic distortion (THD) of the input current. The simulation result validates the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme. The proposed active power factor corrected rectifier finds applications in low-power, low-cost system and also it enhances the power quality.

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