Dynamic Model of Nickel Hydrogen Battery – The Virtual Test Bed Implementation

S. Liu, R.A. Dougal, J.W. Weidner, and L. Gao (USA)


Dynamic model, nickel hydrogen battery, nonidealreversible potential, overcharge, Virtual Test Bed.


A dynamic model of a nickel hydrogen battery implemented in the Virtual Test Bed (VTB) is presented. The battery system is simplified as such one-electron transfer redox reaction of nickel hydroxide and nickel oxyhydroxide occurs uniformly and isothermally throughout the entire battery. The reversible potential includes the effect of multiphase activities of nickel oxyhydroxide. The overcharge process is characterized by the oxygen reaction. The thermal modeling includes reversible heat. The detailed model equations are derived for VTB implementation, and the characteristics of the battery are presented based on the VTB simulation and in good agreement with the experimental data.

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