Simulation and Analysis of Resonant Converter for DC Series Motor

K.C.K. Reddy and G.T.R. Das (India)


Analog Behavioral Modeling, Electromagnetic torque,MOSFETs, DC-DC converters.1.0


In this Paper, An attempt is made to employ dc-to-dc Resonant Converter for the application of dc motors at high power levels. The simulation has been carried out for popularly known three element LCL resonant converters for resistive loads as well as dc series motor loads. The analysis is also made for resonant converters for the performance evaluation of the dc series motor drive, considering various values of duty ratio, inductance ratio. The motor model has been developed in PSPICE using Analog behavioral modeling facilities, and the same is used for simulation work. The experimental set up is developed for LCL Resonant Converter and employed for proto type d.c. series motor. Experimental results and simulated results are compared and found good agreement between them.

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