Simulative Comparison and Modelling of Catalytic Permreactors and Fixed Bed-flow Reactors for Syn-Gas Production

S. Vasileiadis (USA)


Environmental systems modelling, modellingof energy sources, hydrogen-syngas generation,computational reforming reactor design.


A simulative comparison of catalytic permreactors (membrane type reactors) with fixed bed flow reactors is performed using numerical analysis techniques. An experimental fixed bed- flow catalytic reactor is utilized to derive kinetic data for the methane steam reforming and the water gas shift reactions using a combined optimization-integration technique. Experiments were also performed with catalytic membrane reactor modules (permreactors) for comparison purposes (the perm-process). The mass and pressure balances of these reactors were solved numerically to provide the profiles of partial pressures or molar flowrates or fractional conversions and yields of each species along the reactor axial length. Several other reactor parameters were varied in the numerical model to obtain the respective variation of conversion and yield at the reactor exit. Such parameters are the reactor temperature and pressure, space time, and reactor dimensions. The developed numerical reactor models can be used also to predict the reactor operation at different conditions in order to increase the hydrogen and syngas product yield. The methane reforming and shift reactions under analysis are of interest in hydrogen and syngas generation and utilization processes. Such processes include feed for electrochemical fuel cells, hydrogen assisted combustion systems, hydrotreating of heavy oils, distillates and asphaltenes, chemical synthesis of hydrogenated products (e.g., methanol and olefins).

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