Concurrent Engineering Tools for Product and Process Improvement in an Electronic Industry

A.P. Ansuj, C.R. dos Santos (Brazil), and R. Radharamanan (USA)


Concurrent engineering, electronic manufacturing,product and process improvement, quality functiondeployment, design for manufacturability, and qualitystandards (ISO-9000).


At present, every manufacturing industry that is involved in making complex products must work towards constantly reducing product costs, shorten time to place the product in the market and continuously improve product quality. Today, the first acceptable design must be close to optimum and rapidly made with little or no need for quality induced modifications. The concurrent engineering design process provides a stable, repeatable process by which increased accuracy is achieved in a shorter time with less variation. In this paper, the concurrent engineering design concepts, the tools that are used to achieve the concept of design for manufacturability, quality standards (ISO-9000), and quality function deployment (QFD) are applied for product and process improvement in an electronic manufacturing industry. The results are presented and discussed.

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