Simulation of Induction Motors Heating in Steady State

H. Gonçalves, C. Barbosa, O. Soares (Brazil), and A. da Silva Carvalho (Portugal)


Finite Elements Method, Induction Motors, Heating.


The last developments in power electronics and electrical drives made of the induction motor the drive element for excellence. The increasing competition between manufacturers imposes reduced commercial margins. Since thermal analysis of electrical machines is widely attached to a material of high prices copper it is imperative to optimize the thermal analysis of the motors. The introduction of the finite elements method (FEM) equipped designers with tools for the solution of the problems, which were difficult to solve by the traditional analytical methods. The objective of this paper is to offer a solution to be used by designers on a daily basis. For that it is proposed a combined solution where the electrical study is made by traditional analytical software and the thermal study is made by two-dimensional finite elements software.

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