The Performance Evaluation Method for the Stewart Platform driven by AC Servo Motor

B.W. Seo, W.S. Lee, and J.H. Kim (Korea)


Stewart Platform, Performance Evaluation, ParallelManipulator, Simulator


In this paper, we would like to explain about the performance evaluation method for the Stewart Platform which using AC servo motor. Stewart Platform is classified as a parallel manipulator, which is usually operated by the hydraulic or servo motor system. Recently, the performance of servo motors is improved as much as hydraulic driving way which can generate required torque. So hydraulic system is now replacing by servo motor system, which has high response and light weight. We are now suggesting the suitable performance evaluation method for electric Stewart Platform system referring aviation simulator performance characteristic items such as excursion, maximum velocity, maximum acceleration, frequency response, damping effect, smoothness, static accuracy and crosstalk, etc. We analyze the result of various performance tests following as performance limit, dynamic characteristic and system limit. Until now, research and performance evaluation of the hydraulic simulator system are prevailed throughout the world, however, those of electric simulator system is less developed. Eventually, this paper is focussed on the performance evaluation method of Stewart Platform using AC servo motor.

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