The Removal of Motion Misalignment Errors and Noise Blurring in MRI Images

M. Mahmoud (USA)


: Misalignment Errors, Coherent Averaging, Blind Image Restoration, Medical Resonance Imaging


: An algorithm to track and reduce mis alignment errors due to organ motion and to re move noise blurring in MRI images is developed. A given set of multiple images for the same slice are assumed to have small misalignment errors ap parent as small spatial differences among them. The algorithm track misalignment errors using a semi-blind restoration technique and coherently av erage the aligned images to improve the Signal-to Noise (SNR) of the resultant image. The developed restoration algorithm is novel in its approach and belongs to the class of non-parametric finite sup port blind image restoration techniques. Simulation example has been used to illustrate the potentials of the proposed algorithm.

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