A Novel Parametric Model for the Human Respiratory System

C.M. Ionescu (Romania) and R. De. Keyser (Belgium)


: respiratory system, respiratory mechanics, biomedical modelling, optimisation, nonlinear model, forced oscillation technique


The purpose of this work is to present some recent results in an ongoing research project between Ghent University and Chess Medical Technology Company Belgium. The overall aim of the project is to provide a fast method for identification of the human respiratory system in order to allow for an instantaneously diagnosis of the patient by the medical staff. A novel parametric model of the human respiratory system as well as the obtained experimental results are presented in this paper. A prototype apparatus developed by the company, based on the forced oscillation technique is used to record experimental data from 4 patients in this paper. Signal processing is based on spectral analysis and is followed by the parametric identification of a non-linear mechanistic model. The parametric model is equivalent to the structure of a simple electrical RLC-circuit, containing a non-linear capacitor. These parameters have a useful and easy-to interprete physical meaning for the medical staff members.

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