Sport Biomechanical Analysis using Full-body Computer Models

S.M. Nesbit and M.X. Ribadeneira (USA)


Human Animation, Model Development, Sports Biomechanics, 3-Dimensional Modeling


This paper discusses the development of a full-body android model used for the simulation and biomechanical analysis of athletic human motions, specifically those where an implement is involved. The android model combines a variable model of a human with a parametric model of sports equipment such as a golf club. ADAMS, ADAMS/ANDROID, and FORTRAN programs are used to create, combine, and solve the model. The model is driven with data obtained from athletic movements using a five camera motion analysis system. The model can be analyzed to study the biomechanics of an athlete including the kinematics and kinetics of his joints, the interactions between the athlete, his equipment, and the environment, and how altering the parameters of the equipment effects both the athlete and his motion. Examples of biomechanical models and their output are given.

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