Multi-physics Modeling Environment for Continuum and Discrete Dynamics

A.V. Smirnov (USA)


Multi-paradigm Simulation; Physically-based Modeling; Continuous & Discrete Methodology; 3-Dimensional Modeling


A model-development environment for simulation of discrete and continuum dynamics in complex 3D ge ometries is described. This environment is based on 3D libraries for manipulation of geometrical primitives, object-oriented multi-domain modeling paradigm, con tinuum solvers on unstructured meshes, discrete particle solvers, and a proprietary tool-assisted grid generation technique. The numerical approach is based on combined control-volume and finite-element methods of continuum mechanics and Lagrangian particle dynamics method. Several prototype example cases of complex contin uum mechanical systems are considered, such as (1) bio logical systems: flow in bifurcating channels, cellular me chanics, flexible tissues-flow interactions, (2) engineering systems: linear structures under stress, structure-flow inter actions with elastic and thermal stresses, and (3) a simpli fied model of molecular dynamics represented by a system of particles and bonds. A parallel implementation using the domain coupling scheme is considered.

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