A PSpice Optimal Design Tool Utilizing Genetic Optimization

M. Elmore, V. Skormin, and V. Nikulin (USA)


Design, Genetic Algorithms, Simulation Optimization, Mathematical Modelling, Simulation Tools


A design automation approach utilizing a simulation test-bed driven by a genetic optimization procedure, intended for electric circuit design applications, is developed. A Windows-based, off-the-shelf version of Pspice, capable of accurate representation of the most complex circuits and numerical assessment of their efficiency criteria performs the test-bed function. Application of genetic optimization results in attainable optimal or close-to-optimal solutions of the design problem subject to various criteria and constraints. The GenSpice package, implementing the approach, enables the designer to utilize the hardware resources to their full potential, as well as to minimize the response time to the market requirements. A power system design optimization case study provides an illustration of the application of the resultant software tool.

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