The Wireless Controlled Unmanned Vehicle System with Vision System

H.C. Moon, W.S. Lee, and J.H. Kim (Korea)


Unmanned Vehicle, Vision System, Ultrasonic SensorRF Communication, Lane Detection


Our goal of this research is developing the tele-operated unmanned vehicle. In case of emergency, it needs the autonomous intelligent functions. Now we are trying to make a miniaturized unmanned vehicle, which is equipped with vision sensor before developing a full scale one. This system is classified by three major components. First, the vision system is composed of small CCD camera, wireless video transmitter and receiver, and host computer. Second, the vehicle control system which is combined with sensors and actuators. In here, we use photo interrupts and 2 DC motors for vehicle velocity and also a potential meter and a RC servo motor for steering angle control. Third, we need a communication system, which can transmit vehicle condition data to host computer and receive control value from it. Therefore, we designed real time full duplex communication method by using wireless RF modules. Finally, we will make a miniaturized unmanned vehicle by using vision system. And also, we suggest the control method of vehicle and the wireless RF communication method.

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