Component Driveline Design for a Formula SAE Car

B. Jawad, L. Buie, Jr., C. Martin, and A. Bazzari (USA)


Driveline, Component Design, Formula SAE, Car.


Small open cockpit racecars are complex machines that require large portions of design in order for them to achieve their maximum potential. A major design area for these cars is the complete driveline system that includes the differential, joints, half-shafts, and many other smaller components. The goal of this paper is to explore the issues required to design and construct a high performance driveline system that optimizes the power produced by the internal combustion engine. In order to assure that the highest level of performance is obtained, a feasibility study will be done to determine if a lightweight aluminum, steel, or combination of both materials should be used for the differential. The driveline components will be modeled and an FEA analysis preformed before the construction of the components begins. After modeling the components, a final drive ratio will be determined based on the input sprocket, output drive sprocket, and the internal combustion engines power band. Once construction is complete, the system will be installed in the vehicle at a strategic location. Various tests are preformed after the installation to validate the driveline design and optimize the final drive ratio.

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