Extreme Mountain Biking Dynamics: Development of a Bond Graph Model

R. Redfield (USA)


Mountain biking, vehicle dynamics, bond graphs


A bond graph model of a mountain bike and rider is created to develop baseline predictions for the performance of mountain bikes during extreme maneuvers such as drops, jumps, hops, and crashes. The model assumes planar dynamics, a hard-tail (front suspension only) bicycle, and a rider fixed to the bicycle. An algorithm is developed to allow tracking of a virtual tire-ground contact point for events that separate the wheels from the ground. Simulations of a steep drop are performed for various initial conditions to qualitatively validate the predictions of the model. Results from this model are to be compared to experimental data, and more complex models in later publications. Long range goals are to predict structural forces from extreme maneuvers, quantify performance differences between hard-tails and full suspension bicycles, and to examine rider-bicycle interaction to hypothesize human control algorithms that allow riders to perform extreme maneuvers well and safely.

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